Exploring the potential of the Columbia Gorge AVA.

Oak Ridge Vineyard

 •  1400 feet elevation

 •  Gewürztraminer, for sparkling wine

 •  Ashy loam soil

 •  Planted in 1982 and ongoing, organically farmed by the Woodward Family  •   implementing biodynamic practices

 •  Certified organic by Washington State, dry-farmed

 •  South-facing vineyard in the hills of Husum, in the foothills of the Cascades  •  Oak Ridge is on the northern end of the AVA

•  Oak Ridge Vineyard is approximately 13 acres with a south facing, forest-lined aspect

Rainmaker Vineyard

 •  1200 feet elevation

 •  Pinot Noir, for rosé

 •  Volcanic soils, clay loam

 •  Sustainably farmed by the Singer Family, planted in 2013 and ongoing

 •  Rainmaker Vineyard is approximately 20 acres with a south facing bowl-shaped aspect